Parade Day is the BEST Day!

Since we moved to St. Johns, we have learned that the best day of the year is the St. Johns Parade Day! I still think of my first experience on Parade Day fondly. My daughter and I went early to check things out before too many people showed up. It was our first time going to anything that would be this populated, and I wasn’t sure how Mara would do with the large crowds. I was surprised to find people already staking out perfect seating for the parade at 9 am in the morning! Now I know why!! We ended up staying almost the entire day – getting faces painted, eating great food, and cheering on the participants of the parade. As this year’s Parade Day approached, Austen and I weren’t sure if we should push to be open for our first day or not. Were we ready? Would we get our license in time? Did we have the courage? Amazingly enough…WE DID! And it was wonderful!!! Not only did we have the best view of the parade from our tall truck, but we got to serve up some of our delicious desserts and meet so many fabulous customers. Our very first customer (a cute little family of three) later told us that their daughter exclaimed…”Now THAT is what I call dessert!” upon tasting our delicious offerings.

What another wonderful Parade Day for the books!

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