Everyday is a Giving Day!

Everyday is a giving day! This is a cornerstone of my life philosophy. You always have something to give, even when it may just be giving thanks. This month, The Big Dilla has been fortunate enough to have not only one, but two opportunities to give back to our wonderful community.

We were approached by the owners of Mix ‘n’ Match Creamery (the tasty nitro-ice cream cart we share the lot with) to see if we would sponsor a hole for this year’s annual golf tournament for Roosevelt High. The event supports the arts and girls sports teams at our local high school and we couldn’t wait to say YES! Additionally, the generous and passionate owner/managers of The Fixin’ To (our personal favorite Karaoke spot on Sundays) wanted our quesadillas at their benefit for The Florence Project – An Arizona based immigrant and refugee rights non-profit!

We were thrilled that other business owners reached out to us and asked us for our help. Small businesses aren’t necessarily the first thing you think of when you think about community, but they are so important and have the power to do great things! It is one of the reasons we wanted to start a business. We wanted to be able to give more, do more for others.

Most importantly, this allows us to give thanks. Thanks for the passionate fellow business owners who help put these events together. Thanks to the community members who donate and participate at these events. And thanks to our customers who have shown us so much love we were able to give something back! So, we encourage our customers – our fellow community members – to go out and give and give and give, and when you are done…give thanks!

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