High Steaks

Ever since we opened, Rebekah and I have been talking about what’s next – what’s the next quesadilla? We hoped people would love our originals, but with a relatively simple menu, we thought it would be only a matter of time before we expanded our options.  We took feedback from our customers to inform our next menu item. People wanted something with meat, but it had to be special, pun intended.

Working on our new menu item we tried many options including jackfruit, but the taste wasn’t quite right. I recalled after moving to Portland our friends made us some tacos one night with flavored soy curls.  What are soy curls? I’d never heard of them before. It turns out these meaty morsels were developed in Oregon by family-owned Butler Foods. They tasted out of this world good. I wanted to just keep eating them by themselves, and indeed, you can find some jerky recipes for them online. After scrapping some initial ideas, we paired the soy curls up with some onion and bell peppers and created a cheesesteak quesadilla!

With our self-imposed deadline already passed, we pushed ourselves harder than ever to finalize the details. All of our quesadillas come with a sauce and a spicy sauce would give optional heat. So we reached for our favorite chipotle habanero sauce and combined it with organic vegan mayo. Done deal. Now all we needed was a name for it.

All of our menu items are named after a time of day, so we initially thought about calling it The Cookout, but we also wanted to distinguish it as our most criminal option yet – thus with a stroke of genius,  The Steakout was born.

The initial feedback from customers has been beyond positive. All of the hard work and midnight meal testing has definitely paid off. We hope you’ll agree! Come grab our first ever special quesadilla served all-day while ingredients last!

Austen, co-owner

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