Harvest Season

What a great Fall we have had.  We kicked off the end of Summer with our latest quesadilla: The Harvest.  Many were skeptical, including ourselves, about how we were going to create a quesadilla to top The Steakout.  We needed seasonal flavors, but we wanted to offer something unique,  and indeed we have.  After convincing Rebekah that pumpkin hummus was a real thing,  she got to work on creating a sauce that would pair with everything the quesadilla was bringing to the table.  We’ve had our most enthusiastic response yet to the rosemary sauce. We were working on things right up to the morning of, but all of the work was worth it.  We’re also glad that the quesadilla tasted just as wonderful with our Tillamook cheese option as well.

One of our Fall highlights was participating in this year’s Trick or Treat walk hosted by the St.  Johns boosters.  We had our Halloween music playlist going and the candy bowl ready.  As parents,  we also participated in the Harvest Festival for St. Johns Swap and Play,  so we definitely had our hands full in October.

Customers have been asking us about gift cards, and we want people to know we have gift certificates in the works.  We’ve also started planning for our next Sizzling Special, which we can tell you will be called: The Banquet. More details to come in the future.

At the end of the day we want to do everything we can to continue living and working in this beautiful city and wonderful place we call home.  We know that there is a lot of hate and division between people in our country right now. It can seems overwhelming at times. We want to encourage people to vote,  to make their voices heard,  and to show compassion for others.  We believe in an America where everyone is considered equal.  We will fight hatred with love. Share your love with others. And while you’re at it, maybe a slice of quesadilla too.

Austen Courpet, co-owner

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