High Steaks

Ever since we opened, Rebekah and I have been talking about what’s next – what’s the next quesadilla? We hoped people would love our originals, but with a relatively simple menu, we thought it would be only a matter of time before we expanded our options.  We took feedback from our customers to inform our […]

Up and Almost Running!

Truck…check! Ingredients…check! Equipment…check! We are almost ready to open our food truck for business and are just getting the final details ready. To think that it was only three months ago when we finally decided to put our idea into action is well…quite amazing to us. We could not have accomplished this great feat without […]

To Do List

The Online checkout cart is growing, especially now with our mobile unit under construction. Every day there are a hundred small decisions being made… Red or black trays? Daiya or Follow Your Heart cheese? Textured or smooth grill weights? In the end, we hope the result of all of these small choices produces an exceptional […]

Just Keep Swimming

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. From applying to MultCo for our truck build approval to finding a truck to renovate to nightly taste testing sessions…we have been two very busy quesadilla creators! Through it all though, our passion continues to be fueled by our dream of working together to serve our wonderful […]